Saturday, February 28, 2015

Sophie's Letter To The UNCG Board Of Directors

Seems the UNCG Board of Directors wants to keep secrets and an iron grip just as Fascist Nazi Germany did under Adolph Hitler. Well Sophie sent them an e-mail a couple of hours ago and I sent them my thoughts as well:


I have to say I am disappointed by your unwillingness to come clean regarding the Paul Mason debacle at UNCG. I think that if explaining yourself is so shameful that you cannot bring yourself to do it, the only acceptable alternative is for you to step down from your position on the board and on the search committee. 

Confession eases the soul and there is no reason why you should suffer from any collateral damage from the explosion caused by Brady, should that be the case. 

There can be no faith that the Board of Trustees is operating with the interests of the UNCG community at heart when you do not even deign to believe we are owed an explanation. There can be no faith, therefore, in a Chancellor selected by such a board - you are dooming the search.

Now is your opportunity to do something larger than yourself. Despite what others may say, I still believe you know this. If you have ever truly cared about UNCG, now is the time for true leadership.


My reply:

"Fascism breeds contempt-- contempt for those beneath one's self on the social and management ladders. In the view of those at the top the world becomes divided into those who have power and those who seek it as those at the top project their own beliefs on everyone beneath them-- even those who do not believe as they believe and have no desires to seek power.
Thus those at the top live in constant fear, always looking over their shoulders, expecting every hand to hold a dagger just as their own hands hold daggers. No longer can they, themselves plow, build or grow for to lay down their weapons long enough to work is too great a fear for them to overcome. They are enslaved to their own cause. So they've no choice but to steal the crops of the farmers and enslave the workers. Everything they do must be done in secret for fear of peasant uprisings day or night.
And so it is, Fascism breeds contempt for those at the top only because those at the top were afraid to show compassion and forethought.
-Billy Jones, your friendly, freelance neighborhood Tyrannicide, and the man who first broke the UNCG-3 story to the public.
PS. I made this letter public as well:"

And just to be very clear to anyone reading this post, I am a devout Capitalist though not a Fascist. The two are in-fact very different. UNCG has become a Fascist run institution.