Saturday, February 21, 2015

Was Robbie Perkins Involved In The Scarfone Cone Denim Entertainment Center?

Google the phrase, "Burlington Industries (landlord representation for assumption and assignment of corporate office to W.L.Ross entity)(C-11)" and you'll find lots of references to none other than Greensboro attorney, Christy Myatt.

Who is Christy Myatt you ask? None other than the woman who then Greensboro Mayor Robbie Perkins left his wife and family for before loosing the election to Nancy Vaughan. Robbie's girlfriend.

And who is W.L. Ross? None other than Wilbur Ross, Billionaire corporate raider and owner of  International Textile Group, owners of Burlington Industries and yes, Cone Mills.

Recently I wrote an open letter to Mr Ross expressing my concerns about his company's involvement with known gangster, Rocky Scarfone. While I already had lots of bits of evidence that suggests Mayor Perkins might also be involved in this venture I now have more.

Even with all his money someone like Rocky would have a difficult time arranging corporate naming rights with someone as big as Wilbur Ross-- these deals always require middle men, silent partners and discrete introductions via people someone like Mr Ross already knows and trusts. After all, he didn't get to be worth $2.9 Billion by dealing with just anyone. And everyone in between gets a cut.

And why would Ms Myatt ever get involved in such business transactions? That is, if she did get involved. Surely she's not the type to keep company with known gangsters and smart enough to check criminal records before introducing them to a client as important as Wilbur Ross-- right? Could it be because her slick talking boyfriend talked her into it?

According to City of Greensboro documents, attorney Jeffery L Furr is a known partner in the Cone Denim Entertainment Center:

But Mr Furr's area of expertise is environmental law and his connections to the tobacco industry taint his image. Rocky Scarfone would have needed someone more like Ms Myatt to put the deal together and how better to get her than by cutting the mayor in on the deal.

Of course, until there's absolute proof we'll never know but men like Wilbur Ross aren't in the habit of doing business with male strippers who get busted on fraud charges along with the rest of the family-- are they?

"After taking Scarfone of Sunrise into custody, detectives went to a Ramada Inn in Hollywood where his parents were staying. They arrested his father, Carmine Scarfone, 52, who also was named in the indictment, police said.

Scarfone`s mother, Constance Scarfone, 48, was charged in two Dade County warrants charging fraud, police said.

Authorities in Boone, N.C., said the Scarfones operate a business there and are accused of threatening an individual. Details of the charges remain sketchy.

``We`re expecting more arrests in the near future, so I don`t want to say too much about it right now,`` Boone Police Detective Bob Kennedy said."
 Are they?

And the big question is: Was Robbie Perkins still Mayor of Greensboro while this deal was being put together and did he use his influence as mayor to help put the deal together for his own personal gain?