Saturday, February 14, 2015

What Saddens Me The Most

I've spent the last 4 years attacking Greensboro's status quo not because I wanted to but because I felt it had to be done. Those who truly know me know this is never what I wanted to be. Before I was known as a poet, novelist, children's author and builder, someone who liked to grow things and create new and different things, someone who gave my heart and soul to every job and project I was ever involved in. So much so that it cost me personally in failed relationships, lost family life and too often my self.

But the thing that saddens me the most is not what happened to me nor is it Greensboro's leaders. I'm responsible for my own personal losses and we'll always have our share of corrupt leaders and the elites and not so elites seeking to get their hands on your tax dollars for their own personal means will always come and go-- hopefully you'll always have someone to catch them or better yet you'll learn to do it for yourselves. The thing that saddens me most is you, Dear Readers.

You see, I have access to all sorts of numbers-- statistics, they're called-- that tell me what people read and share and what they don't read and share. When I write a post about catching some politician in the act of breaking some law no matter how insignificant or minor the infraction may be my audience goes into a virtual feeding frenzy sharing the post with everyone they know and sending thousands of people to come read the bad news. But when I write a post about a means to make of city better your sadistic little selves won't bother to share it at all-- why?

I won't name names but I'm currently in conversations with several well known Greensboro business and community leaders who are interested in investing in a new type of Aquaponics that I have come up with on my own. I'm doing this not for myself but to bring economic development to Greensboro as a whole, starting in Greensboro's poorest neighborhoods inside our city where jobs are needed the most while providing an infrastructure that will allow Aquaponics operations from the small backyard hobbyist to the large scale Aquaponics farmer to set up operations anywhere in the Piedmont Triad and become successful.

Does Aquaponics work? Watch the video:

How much food can you produce in this manner? Again, watch the video:

Imagine your favorite fish, crayfish and even some seafoods grown locally, year 'round right here in Greensboro, served fresh the same day they're pulled from the pond or tank. Imagine Greensboro becoming an exporter of food, fish and vegetables, instead of an importer. Imaging knowing your food is safe and where it comes from and knowing Greensboro's food is the best in the world bar none.

So what's it going to take to get these business leaders and community leaders to reach into their wallets and walk out on political limbs to make this happen? They have to believe there is enough support and enthusiasm in Greensboro to make this venture profitable. They are, after all, business people. If you'd like to become involved, invest, show your enthusiasm or learn more then subscribe to my newsletter. I'm doing Aquaponics in tanks in my back yard but on my own I'll never be able to feed all of you.

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Are you going to continue to sadden me or spread the word and help us rebuild our city? It's your call.