Friday, April 24, 2015

City Council GETS Forgivable Loans?

Usually you hear about City Council giving forgivable loans to various businesses and non profits but recently a rumor has been making its way around downtown circles that Rocky Scarfone has been giving forgivable loans to certain members of Greensboro City Council whose businesses aren't doing as well as they'd hoped they would.

Now a forgivable loan isn't necessarily a bad thing but when City Council members are making decisions that effect Mr Scarfone and make exceptions for his businesses when new ordinances are passed then these forgivable loans take on a whole different appearance. That is, if that is really what is going on.

Scarfone has significant investments in Downtown Greensboro. Certain council members have expressed interest in Downtown as well. Could it be this interest on the part of certain council members is a means to repay those "forgivable" loans?