Wednesday, April 15, 2015

On the Rhino push poll, Trudy Wade, Joe Killian etc... from a couple of Facebook threads

It appears the poll list was from a primary.

But it doesn't say which.

33,500 votes were cast in 2013's general election, which means far fewer in the primary, which probably means the polling firm most likely didn't use a city council primary for the list, but an on year election with many more voters, which makes sense as very few of the 13,000 polled reported the event.

I doubt most of those polled knew much about our local politics. If no cell phones can be called, mostly older registered voters, many of which probably don't vote in or follow local politics were the targets.

There's no way the firm could have a list of 13,000 with land line phone numbers if 15,780 voted.

Obviously the poll's list was not from a City of Greensboro primary.

The poll is garbage.

No better than the bullsiht polls the News and Record puts up at their website.

he News and Record should attach a disclaimer to their articles disclosing Trudy is also trying to take away a big chunk of their revenues for public notices. There is a clear pattern of behavior associated with the public notice issue and the paper going after the proponents.
"George Hartzman - I decide which pieces I write. And I could give a damn what they do with the public notice thing. If anybody I work for ever tells me to "go after" anybody I'll tell you - and everybody else - loudly."

Joe Killian
It's about who you don't go after Joe.

You guys working on a Clayton Homes piece?

A "who profits from the Megasite" piece?

How about the bullsiht parking bond math for the GPAC
to justify the revenue?

Mike Barber and David Hoggard's Aquatic Center Con?

Nancy Vaughan and Don's methane profits.

The Bullsiht Heritage House $17 million fix it study.

Greensboro's retirement plan.

Roy Carroll's Amex water and sewer incentive.

Mike Barber's First Tee of the Triad conflict.

Skip Alston's financial interest in the Civil Rights Museum

The Rhino Times inflated "reader" statistics, with which it appears they are defrauding their advertisers.
It's called lying by ommission Joe.

You may decide what to write, but I have found your paper decides what not to, which has done a great deal of harm to our city.
The news and record is trying to save somewhere in the range of three taxpayer funded news jobs, proposed by the same senator who proposed the redistricting they are fighting tooth and nail against without disclosure = crony corporate media.

Public notice laws = taxpayer funded newspaper jobs, by laws, passed and protected by elected officials who receive endorsements from the same news businesses.

It is a direct subsidy required by law.

When Trudy brought it up a couple years ago, papers across the state went after her and the proposal with plenty of lobbying and editorial pressure.

How much would the News & Record lose in annual revenues if Trudy Wade's public notice bill passes Doug [Clark]? And why hasn't it been disclosed by the paper?

I am saying the N&R is directly subsidized.

Greensboro's taxpayers provide a direct tax-funded subsidy to the Rhino via the Coliseum Ad.
Ask Joe to ask his wife why the N&R's only missing audio recording from 2009's election was of Zack and myself, after I rightly brought evidence of pay to play in exchange for campaign contributions Zack brought in while serving on the zoning commission, which the N&R didn't report before the election or after. Allen and Doug were there as I recall, and they wouldn't even accept the documentation I provided, which I have published online without rebuttal on multiple occasions since.
The bill will eliminate 3 at large Democrats and create at least one more Republican District. There is only one Republican on City Council at present. Zack doesn't count in my view, as his actions speak louder than his self imposed label.

1 / 9 = 11% Republican presently.

2 / 7 = about 29% if the bill gets through the house.
If the initiative passes, and City Council votes to use taxpayer monies to pursue legal action which would benefit individuals on council, should the monies for the suit be on the ballot?

If it's put on the ballot it loses, brings out a massive protest vote and imo in the R view the R ' s get schillacked in November and the leadership will look like fools.

If it passes the house I will oppose spending taxpayer money on legal action. As it stands at present, I believe current city council members who approved the lobbyist should be charged for the $25,000. If they wanted a lobbyist to fight for their individual political power, they should have paid for it themselves. Shameful.

Please review my previous comment Nancy Barakat Vaughan, Sharon Melvin Hightower Marikay Abuzuaiter Jamal Fox . You spent everyone else's money to save your own skins. I believe you owe our community an apology for your actions.
Looks like Roy Carroll will have Deena Hayes-Green run in District 7. Roy and friends will own the city's coffers again instead of Jim Melvin's crowd. It's about the difference between the D's and the R's running the country. Either way most from the middle to the bottom get fleeced by which ever "interest group" maintains power. I wouldn't mind seeing Barber, Hoffmann, Matheny and Marykay removed.

Why should a community in stagnation subsidize water and sewer projects for a few worth more than $100,000,000, whose new projects take business away from the less connected?

This City Council took food off the plates of Roy and Marty's competitors with everyone else's tax money. They had no right to do so. In both Roy and Marty's cases, they publicly set up lies agreed to by City management and City Council votes, One for Roy's water and sewer to AMEX with the "9,000 Acres" con, and the other for Marty's incoming gas station/convenience store. Marty's Sheetz will force those down the street who are going to lose money to pay for Kotis' profit with their tax dollars. When Marty came back for more because of "unknown" fees and "inflation" after he spent millions elsewhere around town, City Council, on video, figured out how to funnel him the money under a different set of auspices. I call it a fraud upon taxpayers by both Kotis,City Council members who voted for it, and city staff who let it get to a vote. As I recall the vote was unanimous.

Kotis got another $30,000 for fees the City Attorney said he could not legally receive, City Council voted for it and Joe Killian didn't report a fraud committed upon Greensboro's taxpayers by City Council, City staff and Marty Kotis.
Greensboro's City Council, including Mr. Wilkins unfortunately, helped continue ICMA to fleece at least an extra $150 per Greensboro employee per year, with help from the Rhino Times and the News & Record HSXtrar news department.
Doug [Clark], are you and Allen [Johnson] contemplating a Clayton Homes, Warren Buffet piece explaining to Greensboro's poor how they are being overcharged like Greensboro's employees?
If the News & Record didn't report City Council handing 2013's biggest contributor taxpayer monies in a clearly unethical if not criminal way, what is there reporting worth? They don't have much more credibility than John Hammer.
Zack Matheny pre applies for Downtown Greensboro's CEO job as a sitting City Councilman, who voted to fund DGI's giveaways to DGI's members, many of whom have contributed to Zack Matheny's campaigns, and the News & Record's editorial department doesn't appear to have a problem with it.

Do you think it's okay to get someone fired to take their place?

Zack Matheny violated his oath of office by applying for the job as a sitting council member.

The rest of City Council don't appear to have a problem with it.

If no one else on the City Council has a problem with it,
something is very wrong with Greensboro's City Council.

They appear to not possess a moral compass.

I guess they think that because Mike Barber can make money off taxpayers with First Tee of the Triad at a City owned and operated golf course, it's okay for Zack to get a taxpayer funded gig as well and the News & Record's editorial department doesn't appear to have a problem with it..

Maybe they believe that if Mayor Nancy Vaughan can make money from Greensboro's taxpayers
funneled to her husband Don via free methane for Wilbur Ross while Nancy served on the Sold Waste Committee, it's okay for Zack to unfairly use his position as City Council member to land the top DGI job, and the News & Record's editorial department doesn't appear to have a problem with it..

Maybe they don't have a problem with a fellow Council member taking advantage of our communities mandatory funding after Nancy Hoffmann used her position to benefit herself via DGI's handouts to her tenants and business partners.

Maybe Greensboro's City Council is just comprised of a bunch of crooks and accomplices who either are too stupid or don't care enough to object.

Maybe some apologists who benefit from taxpayer handouts say something like "that's just the way it is" to justify this blatant crony capitalism and the News & Record's editorial department doesn't appear to have a problem with it..

I have raised the methane issue on 4/6/15, 4/4/15, 3/11/15 and 2/27/15 without objection from the mayor and without the Greensboro's News and Record reporting it after being informed in 2013, and the News & Record's editorial department doesn't appear to have a problem with it.

Greensboro's News and Record shares in responsibility for the sorry state of our local political dysfunction via lies of omission and propaganda.

Our community has been sold a bridge to nowhere,  which has financially benefited many on City Council and their "supporters", with allocations of everyone else's money to a small circle of "friends", we're paying for it, and the News & Record's editorial department doesn't appear to have a problem with it.
"Matheny has openly admitted that he wants to be the next CEO/ President of Downtown Greensboro Inc (DGI). If Matheny were offered the job, he wouldn’t hesitate leaving the world of local elections. If Matheny leaves the election picture, the new District 4, which could be described as surgically drawn, would only include three current council members. Marikay Abuzuaiter, Mike Barber and Nancy Hoffmann would be left to battle it out if Matheny lands the DGI job.

...Cannon faced criticism from several fronts for a variety of reasons, including a lack communication skills. One of Cannon’s biggest critics was Matheny."

...Cannon was going to sue because, he claimed, Matheny caused him to have a hostile work environment. Now, Matheny wants Cannon’s old job and apparently several council members want him to have it because it would mean less competition if SB36 becomes a reality. Current council members have launched an underground campaign to help Zack, with one council member having gone so far as to threaten to defund DGI if Matheny does not get the job."
One of the biggest hurdles is our compromised press. If they don't report what is actually happening, nothing is going to change but the names of Roy or whoever's puppets.