Friday, April 17, 2015

Re: Bessemer Aquaponics And The California Drought

The North Carolina Agricultural Extension Service has 20 plus empty acres next door to the Agricultural Extension Center that has been vacant and county owned for 40 plus years. The Ag Service has agreed to work with Bessemer Aquaponics to bring an Aquaponics institution to Greensboro to address hunger, food deserts and unemployment in Greensboro, the Piedmont Triad and North Carolina.

For 2 years my efforts to make Greensboro a world leader in Aquaponics and a major exporter of organic foods has been completely ignored by Mayor Vaughan and the Greensboro City Council. That includes Tony Wilkins who is talking shit in this Facebook thread.

"This is NOT the list we want to be on top of. Combined with having the highest property tax rate among major cities in NC. What are we doing?
"Gonna change my way of thinking, get myself a different set of rules"...Bob Dylan"

I can provide evidence to the media upon request.

Yesterday it was made public that Greensboro is the hungriest city in America. This was no surprise to regular readers as I've been writing about this since we were ranked #4 over 2 years ago.

Previously I posted No Backroom Dealings For Bessemer Aquaponics and  Bessemer Aquaponics And The California Drought, Today I give you the e-mail I sent to Mayor Vaughan and all of City Council and others just yesterday:

"Mayor Vaughan,
It's in your lap, Mayor Vaughan. I'm showing you the only way out:
Otherwise you're going to have to start City welfare and pass out money on the streets. Keep ignoring me if you like but this problem isn't going away and by the time I meet with Ms Neill Greensboro is going to be enraged that you have spent the last year talking about this while getting nothing done when I brought this problem and the solutions to your attention BEFORE you were elected mayor.
Now do we fix it or continue to play real estate development games?
Ms Neill,
My apologies, I realize you and your staff at the agricultural extension service do the best you can do to promote NC agriculture and that you would jump at the chance to put the 20 acres you have to use to feed Greensboro and promote Modern Aquaponics-- a science that was developed at North Carolina taxpayers expense and proven effective at NC State University 30 plus years ago. And I realize the last thing you want to do is get involved in local politics but Dammit people are starving in Greensboro and for Greensboro and Guilford County to deliberately ignore this problem when it could so easily be solved is tantamount to our politicians leading our people to slaughter-- It cannot be tolerated.
That's why I publish these e-mails to my blog at
Senator Wade, Representative Harrison and Commissioner Conrad,
That's also why I've included you in this thread. We are now in a state of emergency. Being the hungriest city in America during a down economy is a problem that cannot be ignored.Mayor Vaughan and the City Council have had well over a year to fight this problem. Not only has it gotten worse but they can provide no evidence that they have done anything about it other than have meetings and talk about having more meetings. If they do not act immediately it is incumbent on you to act for them.
I've given you the solution, the NC Agricultural Extension Service has the land, NC State has the experts. It doesn't matter if you like me, I don't like you, just do it now come hell or high water.
-Billy Jones"

Will our politicians quit kissing the asses of the elites? Will they stop playing stupid reindeer games? Or must we destroy them as they are destroying us-- slowly and painfully. And don't think we can't do it.

Seriously folks, it's not like they didn't already know, Nancy has simply shown she is either inept or doesn't give a damn about the working classes-- you decide.