Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sal Leone On Barber, Methany and Hayworth

Sal Leone sent the following e-mail to City Council, law enforcement, local media, myself and others today:

"Well it is clear that we have a she said, he said. The issue is if Councilmen M. Barber is telling the truth or did Cindy Lie. Either way as a Greensboro citizen and in District 5, I ask for an investigation to clear the air, someone is lying. The law in regards to this incident is GS 14-234, if I am wrong then it is still in the misconduct area. I now drop this on your lap as doing nothing is just as bad and with City Elections coming up, well we will see who is honest and just maybe we need to look back at SB 36 to get rid of the pay to play ways. \



The two top reporters in Greensboro have been added to this email, Holder and Killian.
Also the top City bloggers added.

By law an investigation is required. Zack Matheny's business, White Oak Capital, is in-fact in the business of providing government grants and incentives to businesses. His very seat on the Greensboro City Council is a conflict of interest. For Mr Matheny to have control of further government funding via way of Downtown Greensboro Inc would add to his conflict of interest regardless of if these charges are true.

It doesn't matter if one believes Cindy Hayworth or not, the accusation has been made, a formal high level 3rd party investigation independent of the Greensboro City Council and council cronies is called for.

Update: Sal e-mailed us all again:

"Well I almost forgot to add another possible charge if Cindy H is describing things like she claims, Extortion. This is serious and needs to be addressed, Mike Barber is an Officer of the court and was called out, I don't know either Mike or Cindy to have ever lied to me so to clear Mike Barber then an investigation needs to be done. There are witnesses in this case, Joe Killian as the reporter and Roy Carroll along with Cindy and Mike, lets get to the bottom of it and clear names. That is if Council has nothing to hide, Killian is a very good reporter so he must have facts. Lets Investigate. Again I am not a lawyer but a crime was committed somewhere here and with limited facts and not having talked with all then I can not say with 100% but GPD can and council has that power.

§ 14-118.4.  Extortion.
Any person who threatens or communicates a threat or threats to another with the intention thereby wrongfully to obtain anything of value or any acquittance, advantage, or immunity is guilty of extortion and such person shall be punished as a Class F felon. (1973, c. 1032; 1979, c. 760, s. 5; 1979, 2nd Sess., c. 1316, s. 47; 1981, c. 63, s. 1, c. 179, s. 14; 1993, c. 539, s. 1184; 1994, Ex. Sess., c. 24, s. 14(c).)"

Mr Barber, can the head of a non profit government funded golf charity who works with children daily who is convicted of extortion keep his job? 'Cause you sure as hell won't keep your license to practice law.