Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Peacemaker's Afrique Kilimanjaro; Greensboro NAACP president requested announcement not be publicized

"...The Greensboro branch’s executive board recently voted to support State Senate Bill 36, which redistricts the Greensboro City Council.

...a faction within the NAACP’s leadership that wishes to utilize the organization’s hundred year history and reputation to promote their own agenda and to this end oppose true organizational transparency.

Skip Alston

[Gladys] Shipman may be the president, but does she have a shadow president who is really calling the shots?

Skip Alston out front
and Roy Carroll behind the curtain.

...It is ironic that an organization which has historically been a courageous champion, giving voice to the voiceless, should turn a deaf ear to its own members.

...If a few board members are allowed to use the organization for their own selfish purposes, this branch risks losing its longstanding credibility and its community support will fade into nonexistence."