Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Volvo Isn't Coming To The Greensboro-Randolph Megasite

It's official, just as the Greensboro Partnership announced they have hired the top two men from Mississippi's economic development agency-- the state ranked dead last in economic development-- Volvo announces they aren't coming to North Carolina:

"The Reuters news agency reported April 17 that sources identified South Carolina but did not name the second state.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported on Monday that Georgia is the second state."

Our city is run by morons. Our economic development agencies are run by morons who just hired two morons from the least successful state in the nation. And yet they still plant to spend over $200 Million Dollars in state and local tax dollars to develop a megasite for an automaker that isn't coming here.

In the meantime Madam Mayor Nancy Barakat Vaughan refuses to answer my e-mails concerning Bessemer Aquaponics while over 23% of Greensboro's population lives in poverty:

"77% growth in poor population

65,798 — Poor population in 2000

116,501 — Poor population average from 2008-2012

The percentage of poor people living in Greensboro — home of several universities including Guilford College and a branch of the University of North Carolina — is nearly 19%, higher than both the state and overall U.S. level.
The city and its surrounding areas are part of the 12th Congressional district, which saw the nation’s biggest increase in suburban poor people between 2000 and 2011, according to a previous Brookings Institution report that the Raleigh News & Record reported on last year.
Based on a Brookings report comparing 2008–2012 to 2000."

And Greensboro is ranked #1 in the nation for food insecurity-- the politically correct way of saying hunger in America.