Monday, April 20, 2015

What If Cindy Hayworth Is Or Isn't Lying?

And Why It Doesn't Really Matter

Remember when Ben Holder blew the lid on the Mel's Pressure Washing scandal only to find out later that Ben had been promised the City's pressure washing business by none other than Mike Barber? Ben ended up getting his contract to do mercenary code enforcement to appease him and another scandal, Heritage House, came about.

How did  Cyndy Hayworth​ get the job at DGI? Was she promised the top slot by Mike Barber?

It's no secret that Zack Matheny started making noise that he wanted DGI's top job before Jason Cannon was hired but Zack was passed over. There is no way in hell Zack, who has never gotten along with Cindy, would have ever supported her for the job he wanted. The two of them despise each other. You only need watch them both in the same room to know I'm right. So who pushed DGI's board to hire Cindy? Who controls the $1.2 Million in taxpayer dollars the city gives DGI?

So as Mike Barber looks to 2015 and needs corporate welfare for his own projects like continued free use of not one but 2 Greensboro golf courses for his day job at First Tee of the Triad he is forced to deal with Zack for need of a vote.

And being that Zack wants a job and Mike needs City resources to keep his job... Well it just could be at that point Mike decided to double cross Cindy just like he double crossed Ben Holder. Only Cindy didn't kiss Mike's ass like Ben did. Cindy went for the throat.

Is Cindy lying about wanting the job or what Mike Barber said? Doesn't matter, Barber wanted Cindy to work under Zack, a man he knows she despises, a man who would go to any means to make her life miserable. If Cindy is lying it just might be more about survival than an actual desire to remain at the top.

I mean, can you imaging having to work for an egotistical psychopath like Zack Methany?