Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Yes Weekly; "Power brokers be gone"

"Greensboro we have a problem. Let’s talk about it.

The problem seems to be a nucleus of special interests that feel a sense of entitlement.

These power brokers meet behind closed doors, or via text message, or in the low spark of hi-end restaurants on a weekday afternoon to hash out the details. Greensboro we have power brokers big and small.  The kind of power brokers who call up a non-profit leader and threaten to cut off their funding if their pal isn’t named the next leader.  The kind of power brokers that scuttle months of committee work at the moment of completion because it just doesn’t suit their whim.... in Greensboro we never get the details.

We get the polished pitch.

Make enough public information requests and you begin to see how the merry-go round operates.
But you never quite glimpse the devil.

It’s enough to make us want to holler...