Monday, May 11, 2015

Mayor Vaughan Doesn't Care

Previously posted to Mayor Vaughan's Facebook page.

...since annexation in 1957, the City of Greensboro has built no less than 6 low income housing projects in Northeast Greensboro warehousing Greensboro's poor in holding cells. And while folks like Deena Hayes-Greene, John Robert Kernodle III, James Lamar Gibson, George Hartzman, Ed Whitfield and others work to help the poor, Nancy Barakat Vaughan ignores the fact that we live in one of the worst places to raise children despite the fact that she is going to be a grandmother soon:

No, 60 plus years of real estate segregation, discrimination and robbing from the poor and working class is not Mayor Vaughan's fault-- she's been mayor less than 2 years-- but it is her job to fix it and a downtown performing arts center is not and never will be a solution.

The only opinion Greensboro's working class can share is that Nancy doesn't care.