Monday, May 18, 2015

Nancy Hoffmann betrays her neighborhood tomorrow night?

"...Clearly, Halpern officials are counting on being able to say they’ve compromise their fair share. The Atlanta developer has reduced the size of its plans to a max of 48,5000 square feet of retail, plus 22 townhomes. In so doing, they are likely to argue that it has followed a blueprint, based more or less along the lines of a specific challenge laid down by Councilwoman Nancy Hoffmann.

Watch Hoffmann's campaign contributions.

Hoffmann, [said] “While I believe Sam Cooke’s statement that: “a change is gonna come,” I also believe it is possible for an inspired, creative developer to conceive a mixed-use development that would combine the best of all possible residential and retail worlds. I will advocate for that,” she wrote on her Facebook page.

Ed Guyer, left,Ivan Saul Cutler, Councilmember Nancy Hoffmann,
David B. Craft, Stephen Klepper and Marty Kotis
who has received millions in taxpayer funded benefits,
voted on by Nancy Hoffmann 

The developer got a further boost last week when the Hobbs Landing Homeowners Association sent the city a letter saying that the majority of homeowners supported the rezoning, under certain conditions negotiated with Halpern (although as of Monday evening, “No Rezoning” signs remained in front of four Hobbs Landing homes).

...The heart of the opposition, however, lies in nearby neighborhoods like Wedgewood, Hamilton Forest and Starmount, and is mostly publicly represented by a group called the Friendly Coalition Against Commercial Encroachment.

These folks are not likely to accept the notion that Halpern has compromised, except against its own initial proposal, and in fact may point out the developer started by going in the opposite direction.

Nancy Hoffmann betrayed 
the "Friendly Coalition Against Commercial Encroachment"?

...while Tuesday night’s hearing will likely revolve greatly around the concept of compromise, there’s likely to be a lot of debate over what exactly that means, who has done it and when.
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