Thursday, May 14, 2015

Slumlords In Lake Jeanette

For those of you living in northwest Greensboro who don't give a damn about the problems of substandard housing in areas like my own northeast Greensboro, what if it came to your neighborhood, would you be concerned then?

Take the case of 5307 Southwind, a Lake Jeanette area home being advertised on as follows:

"Highest and Best by Thursday 5/14 at 5pm. Great Lake Jeanette location, sold as is with code violations from city transferred to buyer. 3BR Cape Cod with fenced yard, wood siding, deck, and porch on rear, great investment opportunity. Almost $80k below tax value, but a lot of potential. Seller addendums come with counter offer. Bank Owned sold AS IS. No offers will be looked at until the 6th day on the market"

But let's take a look at City of Greensboro Public Information Request #4572 which shows over 2 years of unrepaired code violations, rodents, trash and unsanitary conditions at a home built in 1988.

Now ask yourself, why was this house inspected in the first place? The Housing Case Report states "Rental Status Not Applicable" maybe that's true but with the owners living outside of Greensboro for the last few years why was it necessary to do an inside inspection if the property wasn't being rented?

Yes Weekly's Ben Holder was looking into this case a couple of years ago, maybe he knows.