Wednesday, June 3, 2015

No Vote and Eminent Domain On The Greensboro-Randolph Megasite

A letter from Alan Ferguson
"As you probably know, the Randolph County Board of County Commissioners voted 3-2 Monday night to spend $5.8 million Randolph County dollars to buy an additional 169 acres for its proposed megasite. Where will the County get this money?  The stated sources were "savings" from the budgets of various county departments and the county's reserve, rainy day fund (ordinarily held for emergencies).

Commissioners Arnold Lanier, Phil Kemp, and Darrell Frye voted in favor of the additional purchase.  Commissioner Lanier went out of his way to critique our arguments against the site and our motives for making those arguments.

Commissioners David Allen and Stan Haywood voted against the expenditure.

Many of you  also have received notices that the City of Greensboro is now interested in placing water and sewer lines across your property.  Last night, I attended the regular meeting of the Greensboro City Council and complained about the process, again.  The mayor asked the city water department employees there to meet with me outside and give me a better map of their proposal.  A copy of that map is attached.

The "water-sewer informational meeting" is June 18 at 5:30 at Providence Grove High School.  The City told me last night that they would have plentiful staff there to answer any questions.  NERPO will also be there to answer questions.

The City Attorney also informed me yesterday of what he believed to be the City's eminent domain authority to enter onto our properties.  

As I have said before, it is the infrastructure where eminent domain will come upon us.  It didn't even take a day for that to happen, and here it is.  Attached is the statute the City sent to me under which authority they will condemn our properties for water and sewer lines.

I encourage everyone to spread this news to anyone affected by these lines, particularly to folks in Guilford County.  It will soon be too late unless sufficient numbers of us rise to oppose these proposed "condemnations".

More later.

Alan E. Ferguson
President, Northeast Randolph Property Owners"

GS-40 A

Might I remind you that while Alan and others in Randolph County work to fight this project the City of Greensboro is planning on spending over $22 Million Dollars on the project located in another county, miles away from where the jobs are needed most-- in Greensboro.