Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Robin Hartzman on George Hartzman

"I must say that I am extremely proud of the intestinal fortitude of one George Hartzman. 

I do not typically get involved in local politics because the weight of the spin as it lines the pockets of bed partners crushes my spirit. As we walk our dogs I will complain and whine about what I see of SOME self serving city council members past present and future and the power of money and ego and greed. 

I bemoan the tracks of the heels dug in so deep by the few who wield the power to resist making the very change that can make a difference for most. After listening and even sometimes agreeing he ALWAYS says "that doesn't mean you stop fighting ." 

George Hartzman I'm done trying to keep you out of the ring. 

After ALL of these years you are consistent in your glass half full attitude and I do believe this city could benefit from drinking out of that glass- best of luck to you sir!!"

--Robin Abbott-Hartzman