Saturday, June 20, 2015



The City Council has lost focus as per the mayor.  Well that is no news flash to a lot of people.

Here is one, Mrs. Mayor: Support Senate Bill 36 and you can get things done.  The City Council is too big and way too shady.  The drama at the council is not seen at the county level.  Why?  Because they cut the numbers down.

The council is all show and full of people who want to fill their pockets first.  This goes for both Democrat and Republican.  The city spent over $30,000 to fight SB 36.  What do they care; it’s tax money.  But how much food can that buy for those in poverty who are still waiting for a plan from the mayor and city.

A special message for those waiting, the city and council couldn’t care less.  They’ve got property to develop and make money and they’ve got to give local council people big money jobs first.

This is all a shame.  Would this happen under Mayor Bill Knight?  No.  And why, you ask.  He is honest.  The people made fun of former City Councilmember Danny Thompson and called him dishonest for a simple mistake on his election paperwork, but the council can give big jobs to fellow members and that’s OK and honest.  The mafia is alive and well in Greensboro.  It’s called the council."

Sal Leone