Thursday, July 9, 2015

Greensboro's Manager Jim Westmoreland telling the City's employees his door is always open, but get intimidated by your chain of command beforehand

From: Westmoreland, Jim
Sent: Monday, May 19, 2014 11:34 AM
To: All Exchange Users
Cc: CMO; Department Heads; Carruthers, Tom; Richardson, Betsey
Subject: Sharing Your Concerns To Help Us Improve

City of Greensboro Team,

I’m writing to address some concerns that have come to my attention over the last few weeks and to ask for your help. There have been recent news reports regarding allegations of possible employee misconduct and financial missteps. We take these allegations very seriously and are working diligently to correct any mistakes that we have identified. Most importantly, the City’s leadership team is seeking additional ways to prevent similar issues from occurring in the future.

As you know, we’re a large organization of nearly 3,100 employees. Each of us has a responsibility to do our jobs to the best of our ability and to be good stewards of taxpayer resources. I believe that City employees are what make the City of Greensboro special. We have people working for the City who understand what it means to do the right thing and I want to ensure that we continue to do things the right way.  In doing so, I want to remind each of you of the responsibility you have to speak up when you see things being done the wrong way. I want and expect you to address those concerns through the proper channels – by informing your supervisor, manager, or department director.

Over the last couple weeks, I’ve heard from some in the organization that nothing happens when concerns are addressed through the chain of command.   First and foremost, remember that many times personnel issues cannot be discussed publicly due to state records laws. So, there may be actions being taken that you are not aware of. But also rest assured that your department directors and managers are being encouraged by City leadership to take any concerns expressed by employees seriously and to take necessary steps to address them.  We can and will work together as a team to make changes in areas that need improvement. I simply ask that you work within the team to make those concerns known.

I appreciate everything you do to make the City of Greensboro a great city. Please do not hesitate to contact your supervisor or manager directly if you have questions, concerns, or ideas for how we can improve. And as always, please continue to live our core values of Honesty, Integrity, Stewardship, and Respect.

Thank you.
Jim Westmoreland, PE, City Manager
City of Greensboro