Sunday, July 12, 2015

The City Has To Make The Case The Voters Have Been Denied Their Rights. The City Cannot Do That

Here are the facts:

The US Constitution, Bill of Rights and Amendments to the Constitution are the 3 documents that guide lawmakers and courts throughout everything that is done in this nation. All 3 of these documents were written expressly to protect people from governments.

Nowhere in any of these documents is there any mention of rights granted to governments national, state or local. As a matter of fact: time and time again throughout these documents there are many things governments are expressly forbidden to do to people.

What isn't in these documents is what people cannot do to governments or what governments are not allowed to do to governments. Over and over and over again these documents express the protection of people from governments.

Nowhere in these documents are cities protected in any way, shape or form.

This was deliberately done to protect people from governments. If governments are given the same rights as people then people will end up serving governments instead of the other way around. The Founding Fathers intended for government to always be second to the people-- giving government even equal rights changes that relationship.

Now some will mistakenly argue that because corporations were recently given person-hood that cities have person-hood as well but that cannot and should not be the case. For whether or not you agree with person-hood for corporations a line cannot be crossed. If cities are given equal protection under the law-- the rights granted to people-- then cities (governments) will have achieved person-hood and we, the people will forever be slaves to governments with their vast resources, ability to tax and make laws as they please.

Our Founding Fathers knew the day would come when a Mayor Nancy Barakat Vaughan would attempt to use the resources of an entire city just to have her way. That is why they carefully worded those 3 documents in the way they did.

You can read all 3 plus the 14th Amendment, at the following links:

Now look at the numbers as presented by the News & Record.