Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Greensboro News and Record; Joe Killian's misquotes, misdirection and misinformation on mayoral candidate Devin King

“If we keep electing the same names, if we keep electing people who have been part of the system we have right now, we aren’t going to see change,” King said.

King said he wants his campaign to be about poor working people in Greensboro — something he knows about.

King is a certified nursing assistant and also works security jobs to help make ends meet. His wife, Bernadette, works at a local day care and at a Dollar Tree.

Despite that, the family still depends on food stamps to help feed their 5-year-old son Raziel.

"...it’s still a struggle for us to find the time to both work enough to care for our family and take care of our son.”

King is also a Republican. Though council races are nonpartisan, that’s not likely to play well in largely Democratic East Greensboro, King’s base of support. It could also be a liability in an at-large mayoral election where everyone in a heavily Democratic city can cast a ballot.


I also said I'm a republican as Frederick Douglas and Martin Luther King

D.R. KING ‏@DevinKing474  

But King doesn’t shy away from his political affiliation.

“I’m a Republican because I believe in small government, government transparency and responsibility,” King said. “I’m a Republican like Abraham Lincoln was a Republican. Or like Rand Paul, who should have been president instead of (President Barack) Obama.”

Devin tells me he voted for Obama the first time, 
and Ron Paul the second, not Rand.

The online story was changed without saying so, 
and today's paper news paper say Rand,
which along with the misleading take on Devin being a registered R
provides a total misrepresentation of what Devin was trying to say
to the benefit of the current mayor 
and the News and Record's interests.

...Mayor Nancy Vaughan said she shares King’s concerns about East Greensboro, which is why she and the current council have concentrated on the area so heavily over the last two years.


...Of King’s youth and inexperience, Vaughan said it’s a good thing for anyone, at any age, to get involved in their community and make a difference.

“But I think you can start to do that through community groups, schools, serving on boards and commissions, volunteering,” Vaughan said. “I’m not sure being mayor is really good on-the-job training.”

If Nancy wasn't a puppet for Roy, Marty and Jim Melvin etc... 
her quote would have made better sense.

The mayor and the rest of council gave more money to the above, 
than the entirety of East Greensboro over the last two years.