Wednesday, August 12, 2015

NC State Professors To Address Aquaponics In Greensboro Tonight

The project is eligible for USDA Grants and Loans, has 20 plus acres located in Northeast Greensboro next door to the Agriculture Center, has the support of NC State University, will provide green jobs, quality organic produce and fish all locally grown, and create a new industry right here in Greensboro as we launch the first accredited Aquapomics school in the United States and North America. Lots more info here: And all we need are lots of people to come out and show the politicians you want it. Just tell them to get out of our way!

PS. Did I tell you we already have corporate sponsors lining up?

Please come to the Agricultural Center on Burlington Road tonight at 6:00 to hear the professors from NC State University explain  how Bessemer Aquaponics​ will help to save our city and our state from ruin.

And if you don't believe me then how about a Press Release From NC State?