Saturday, August 8, 2015

Saturday Greensboro Linkfest; Picarelli running in District 3, TPAC, Civil Rights Museum etc...

Picarelli joins the District 3 contest for Greensboro City Council

Susan Ladd Hypocracy Last Item; Outrageous statements of the first presidental debate

Barber Asks For Public Discussion Of Museum

Greensboro council races set, two new candidates force primaries

Baier: “And when you give, 
they do whatever the hell you want them to do.”

TRUMP: “You’d better believe it.”

Third time around for DGI

Sit-in Museum Audit: Clean, Audit Memo: Not So Much

Hedge Fund Losses From Commodity Slump Sparking Investor Exodus

But TPAC has cost overuns?

China Exports Fall as Lower Demand, Strong Yuan Hurt Growth

Downtown mural mysteriously vanishes

Council Warm to Raising City Minimum Wage to $15 an Hour

GPAC project lurches forward amid budget concerns

Few candidates line up for Greensboro council races

Collins looks to serve in Greensboro council District 3

It Just Might Work: Local beer, local arena

Good idea on local brew at the Coliseum and other venues

Heritage House demolition could be two years away

Expanded facilities could return Bryan Park to soccer prominence

Community Forum: How Can Aquaponics Change Our Community

Matt Brown: LeBauer Park Doomed To Fail

No Incumbents Showed Up For Greensboro's Oldest Night Out

Desperate for Tiger Woods in Greensboro

Yet Another Reason North Carolina Will never Get That Auto Factory

Burr Fundraiser Invitation

And the Greensboro City Council Candidates Are;

Investigative historian Eric Zuesse on the problem with Greensboro, North Carolina

Greensboro 91-- Raleigh 2

Some recent recent economic posts and other locally business related links, as we descend into financial instability and recession/depression

On Greensboro's TPAC and some obviously bogus math from advocates who stand to profit

A July 1, 2015 open letter to Greensboro City Councilman Tony Wilkins from some anonymous City employees invested in ICMA-RC's 457 Retirement Plan, who fear retaliation, without a response from the City

Thank you for your public records request (4644).

Does Greensboro Want A Civil Rights Museum?

Awesome article by Triad City Beat's Eric Ginsburg; "There is no other option"

Hush Money

Caterpillar is no butterfly

The Great Unwind Has Begun, Bankruptcies Soar

Bill Black; The System is Rigged for the Rich