Friday, September 25, 2015

Dear Councilman B#^%$... Sorry was choking on Methane Gas while being Racially Profiled in East Gboro

Dear Councilman B&$#%

Hello, how are you? It’s interesting that when I ask questions when I see you at events, I don’t get a response. I’m looked at as if English my secondary language and is inaudible to your ears. I am one of many of your disgruntled tax paying constituents of District 2. You remember that district? The district you said you would bring about change and represent us at the council? The district you said you wanted to be the CHANGE and instead became FOR SALE? Yeah I had to Google your candidate survey as well to remind myself. The excerpts below were taken from your candidate survey back when you had integrity and a duty to the community.
Half Blank Police Report

Policy issues

How do you react to recent criticisms of the Greensboro police? How should the city respond, if at all?

Councilman B: The only way to move forward is by improving the police professionalism, accountability, and promoting stronger partnerships and dialogues with communities in our city.

District2Says: LIES AND LACEFRONTS! You refused to support House Bill 193 sponsored by Cecil Brockman. Black Young Men should support Black Young Men doing positive things to advance equality. But when you abuse your power with the police and have them clean up all your " alleged" domestic violence issues than it wouldn't seem right to stress the police with the bill! What is even more embarrassing is this headline from Fox 8 * See Below*

Greensboro City Council passes on opportunity to support Prohibit Racial Profiling bill

Direct Link to Bill

In summary (1) Prohibit the use of discriminatory profiling by law enforcement officers in the performance of their duties (2) Amend the types of information required to be reported by certain law enforcement agencies concerning traffic law enforcement (3) Require certain law enforcement agencies to report certain information concerning homicides; (4) Require law enforcement officers to receive annual education and training concerning discriminatory profiling; (5) Authorize the use of citizen review boards to investigate or review allegations of certain police misconduct; and (6) Require that certain training be provided to members of neighborhood crime watch programs established by counties and cities.

Here is what our GLORIOUS City Council had to say. (Direct Copy and Paste)

City Councilman Jamal Fox said while some of these measures are “common sense” he’d also like to see community meetings held to determine what issues are being seen in Greensboro.

The council decided not to put a resolution supporting the state guidelines for police departments and sheriff’s offices to a vote Tuesday night.

City councilmembers said there are good elements to the bill but said they didn’t want to give blanket support to measures that weren’t specific to local issues.

“The will to create change is there and we need to keep it there,” said Councilwoman Sharon Hightower.

Now according to the East Greensboro Study Committee Summary Report; Greensboro population is 40% black, East Greensboro’s population is 68% black making up 2/3 of total black population of Greensboro. Now for some reason, which since Sharon Hightower is the chairperson of this committee can answer why isn’t there any statistics regarding crime rates in the survey??  The only mention of crime in this 40 page report is “Aspiration” to reduce crime, Reduce crime, safe area/ less crime, “crime”, etc. (You get the point). Now residents that give a damn in East Greensboro really know the areas of crime and the raw numbers. The GOPD does as well

**Shakes Bob**

Ian Mance wrote in article in June 2012, regarding racial profiling in general, but specifically NC from 2000- 2011.

The numbers show black drivers are more likely to be stopped by police than white drivers; they show significant disparities in treatment once these motorists are in police control. Statewide, blacks are 77% more likely to be searched. This data doesn’t come from a sample of data like the Crooked Council, (excuse me I mean City) like to use. This data was taken from ALL STOP AND SEARCH ACTIVITY IN NORTH CAROLINA! Over 3,800 CONSECUTIVE DAYS!!!! The report provides powerful evidence of profiling and differential treatment of minority drivers. This report lists several counties surrounding Guilford County and the council is under the impression regarding HB193

******see below again*******

City councilmembers said there are good elements to the bill but said they didn’t want to give blanket support to measures that weren’t specific to local issues.

So let me understand this Jamal, Sharon, Mary, Mike, Tony, Mayor Vaughn, Yvonne, Justin, and good ole Nancy.
Wake County, Durham County, Cabarrus County, and Mecklenburg County were dealing with racial profiling as a local issue in 2011. So it’s safe to assume than it’s still a very real issue for those counties in 2015… So Guilford County has been delivered and set free from the bondage, illegal police searching and stigma caused by racial profiling, by who? JESUS!!???
***Speaks in inaudible Pentecostal tongue***
Maybe Jesus had mercy because Councilman Fox works at Belk’s? Black people in East Greensboro and police get along and there is mutual respect?? I’m sorry I must have been inhaling the methane in my backyard from the White Street Landfill that District 2 isn’t making ONE THIN DIME FROM!
(I have gas money in my backyard but none in my car) #ALLGASMONEYMATTERS

Now riddle me this Batman? What district is showing the highest Citizen Generated Calls for Service? The most man-hours by police? Yep, that’s right you guessed it!


So let’s put this all together to prove my point.

·         68% of the black population is in East Greensboro

·         25.5% of man-hours for police are spent in District 2 (which is the highest)

·         District 2 Citizen Priority Level 1, 2, 3 calls from May1 –June 13 2015 where the highest was 26.6% of the total city in 43 days.

·         In 2011, a complete review of all stop and search activity in NC showed 77% of blacks stopped in surrounding counties were profiled and stopped and searched

·         Greensboro City Council went on record and said those are not our local issues

·         Councilman Fox wants to have more meetings and "forget" ( I mean discuss these issues)

·         Some council members might be open (allegedly) to buying food stamps from the spouses and baby mommas of East Greensboro who get EBT because their spouse or, child’s father was profiled and locked up. ( She cant draw them anymore)

·         Nancy has one of the best bob’s in Greensboro. Seriously it moves and swings perfectly every time she thanks concerned citizens for their support and outcries at council and reminds them this isn’t the forum for that type of talk and directs them to the City Attorney. (Seriously though Nancy I do need your stylist # my stylist in East Greensboro can’t understand I want the privileged white woman with good credit bob).

Come out to Bennett College this Sunday @ 3pm at Pfeiffer Chapel or Hall. (Look for the signs) and hear your local candidates debate on why they need that 13K a year and HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE AND REFERENCE THIS BLOG!!!