Thursday, September 24, 2015

Jamal Fox Remains Silent

On Sunday I posted Councilman Jamal Fox's Domestic Violence Incident. We heard nothing from Councilman Jamal Fox.

On Wednesday I posted So Who Was Jamal Fox Sleeping With? Again the Councilman remained silent.

Could it be Greensboro City Councilman Jamal Fox doesn't read my posts here at

Could be but I doubt it.

You see, Councilman Fox is a member of the Facebook group Real Progress For Greensboro and it just so happens I'm the founder and only admin of that group.

And last night I took the following screen grab. Click on the link to view full size:

So Jamal is apparently trying to cover up the fact that he knows about my posts as well as the covered up police reports, covered up perpetrator and covered up nature of Jamal's affair.

And this man wants you to vote for him for Greensboro City Council? What else might he be covering up?

Update: 10:17 AM Again Jamal sees without comment or explanation.

Lying by omission remains a lie. What else might Jamal lie about? Perhaps Jamal is just a compulsive liar. That might explain why he left ownership of the very home he lives in off of his City Council Disclosure Form.

And again, why was the police report hidden by Captain James Hinson and the Greensboro Police Department? Is this why Jamal refused to support efforts to bring more openness to GPD and a Citizens Review Board-- because Jamal has more secrets the police are hiding?

And what about the rest of City Council? I have e-mails in my possession to prove the entire Council has known about Jamal's affair and the police cover-up for months, perhaps over a year and never said a word or did anything. Why?