Friday, September 25, 2015


Good Evening Greensboro!
I'm your host Black Mamba and I welcome you to today's MEME THAT MESS.
This is how you play. you have to come up with a phrase based on the content of the pictures below. Get creative... our councilman does! Post in the comments below. I'll start. Please be sure to put what meme you are commenting on.!
 Paint and Politics?? Hmm sounds like a Gay Bar
Silver Level- I wont block you on Twitter
Gold Level- You can get your full two minutes to speak at Council
Platinum Level- Gets you ONE get out of a full and complete police report
I'm running for District 2 but all of my fundraising events are in District 1
How all this got paid for will show up months later on my financials but Mary Kotis donates in CASH

 Did someone tell the people in District 2 we were summoned to court?
Lord he wants District 2 to bring chicken... SMDH
None of these questions have to do with him?
Who has the damn gas to drive to Reedy Fork Pkwy?
How can you say everyone is invited and you have blocked half of District 2 on Facebook?
If you have questions call someone else besides me


We all know who "confirmed" her FIRST

Just smile for the camera, in my staged office, and I'll take you to Taco Bell
Is that gold foil sticking out from under the desk??
Yes! Today only is 30% off @ Belk's!