Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Tax Hikes Coming To Greensboro

 The following is a letter to the editor:

The people are blind if they do not see a tax hike and guess what, its coming like the election is. The tax hike is set for the 16-17 budget, well after the election and is a 1 cent property tax hike. The people will ask why and its not for food hardships, mental health, food deserts or East Greensboro but for debt service. The people can rejoice they are paying for the megasite water extension and TPAC. The statement is clear in the budget highlights, highlights for whom I ask?
So people I say be happy with your council that they will increase property taxes, Go vote them back in and we can be proud to have the highest property tax for any city,number one in something I guess is better then nothing. I also like to mention we had little to no budget meetings, wow I wonder why.

-Sal Leone
Sal Leone is a candidate for Mayor of Greensboro.