Friday, September 18, 2015

The Sad Reality Of Liberals vs Conservatives

As a Liberal I must sadly admit that all politicians are liberals when it comes to spending other peoples' money. It's past time conservatives faced the facts and admitted it too.

You know the thing is this: I'm against corruption and I'm not a fan of handouts but here is reality: The Welfare Queen who figures out a way to scam the government out of $100,000 a year still isn't filthy rich and she is not hiding huge chunks of money in off shore, untaxed bank accounts. The money she scams goes into the local economy and right back into local government. Should we try to stop her? Damned straight.

But the Corporate Welfare CEO King who gets hundreds of $Millions.... Well that money does end up off shore in untaxed bank accounts where it bleeds the local and US economy dry. We never get it back unless our government borrows that same money from Mr Corporate Welfare CEO King and runs up a deficit.

But our elected leaders at every level of government liberal and conservative call Welfare Queen a criminal and Welfare King an economic hero.

So why is no one trying to stop the Corporate Welfare CEO King?

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