Wednesday, October 28, 2015

A Good Kid Needs Your Help

A week ago I told you about the horrific beating of Thomas Bynum by the A&T football team and how A&T, the Greensboro Police and local media all kept it a secret so that A&T could play their homecoming game without interruption. After all. the A&T Homecoming is the biggest event in all of east Greensboro and one of the biggest events in the entire City of Greensboro every year.

And why let one 21 year old, honor roll, Greek society college student who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time risk millions of dollars in economic impact for an entire city even if they did leave him lying on the ground to die, right?

Anyway, friends of Thomas Bynum understand he and his mother cannot afford to pay his ongoing medical bills and so they have set up the Help Thomas Bynum Recover! gofundme campaign to help Thomas and his mother out.

I don't know Thomas personally but I have friends that do know Thomas and they assure me he wasn't the type of kid to start trouble. They tell me Thomas couldn't weigh over 150 pounds and yet no less than 10 A&T Football players saw some urgent need to beat him almost to death.

Please, click on the link and donate what you can to Help Thomas Bynum Recover!

And share this post with everyone you know.

Update: Unlike the News & Record which reported the fight as a mutual affray:

"A criminal offense generally defined as the fighting of two or more persons in a public place that disturbs others.
The offense originated under the Common Law and in some jurisdictions has become a statutory crime. Although an agreement to fight is not an element of the crime under the common-law definition, some statutes provide that an affray can occur only when two or more persons agree to fight in a public place.
An affray is a type of Disorderly Conduct and a breach of the peace since it is conduct that disturbs the peace of the community. It is punishable by a fine, imprisonment, or both."

Fox8 confirms my story: 

"He was at a party off campus for the football team," said Bynum's mother Sidrane.

She says her son accidentally bumped into someone at the party and the other guy started shoving Thomas.

"The guy turned around and pushed him again. He pushed him two times. They had words and when the guy went to push him a third time, my son hit him. When he hit the guy, at that point he said that's when they started beating on him," she said.

Thomas said 10 to 15 people beat him and pushed him down three flights of stairs.
"He actually had to crawl under a car in order for them to stop beating him," Sidrane added."