Friday, October 30, 2015

Devin King Goes National

Just got the following announcement from Truth Traveler Radio:

"Join us tonight, Fri 10/30, on from 11p-1am EST, as we speak with Greensboro NC mayoral candidate, Devin King. We will discuss corruption in city council government, favoritism by the controlled media, his near death auto "accident" and much more."

This is really going to be interesting being that Greensboro Police have failed to produce the missing bumper cover from Mr King's car. In the event of an accident, body parts like bumper covers are considered evidence. If the bumper cover was missing from the car when the officer arrived on the scene it should have been noted on the police report. Do you see it on the police report?

Neither do I.

Mr King reports to me today that neither the Guilford County Sheriff's Department nor the Greensboro Police Department have returned his calls.

And therein lies the problem. Everyone has waited over 25 days to investigate even though myself and several others have a long trail of e-mails going back to GPD Chief Wayne Scott and Guilford County Sheriff BJ Barnes demanding that the incident be investigated.

And as always I saved all those e-mails.

Was Devin King's wreck just an accident? Or was it an attempted assassination by someone working for Mayor Vaughan or Marty Kotis? We have a suspect. The truth is: thanks to deliberate stalling by the powers that be we will probably never know.