Friday, October 9, 2015

How Triad City Beat's Brain Clarey and Eric Ginsburg treat a legitimate candidate; Not mentioning his name.

"Gun Control and the Numbers.......sorta.

The recent tragedy in Oregon where an active shooter took several lives and injured others has once again brought energy to topic of gun control..."

How is it Marc Ridgill has no experience?

How is it Brian and Eric decided 
a recently retired City of Greensboro policeman
has no experience?

Looks like Brian and Eric have less experience
than Marc Ridgill.

Looks like Brian and Eric have already decided 
who they are going to support and endorse, 
regardless of any facts getting in the way.

Feels like Brian and Eric don't really care 
about the whole truth in journalism thing.

Maybe what's "unforeseen" and "dramatic"
would be Brian and Eric acting like real journalists
instead of the status quo's propaganda outlet.

Could it be that the City's subsidization of the Nussbaum Center
and Triad City Beat's lease within,
has altered what Brian and Eric have chosen to disseminate?

Is the Nussbaum Center offsetting Triad City Beat's rent
with Nussbaum advertisements?

If one were to inquire as to how local elections are rigged
in favor of incumbents, 
look no further than this one sided crap put out by Brian and Eric,
just like the same only different from the Rhino 
and the News and Record.