Friday, October 30, 2015

It's Time To Make A Difference

I participated in Occupy Greensboro, I voted, I've blogged for years, I addressed City Council countless times and I've been a fixture on social media. And I'm far from the only one.

Others I know joined Conservatives for Guilford County, North Carolina, our local version of the Tea Party. Still others are joining the new Coffee Party. White people, black people, none of us have been able to make positive changes. Locally, the results have all been the same-- Greensboro remains the most corrupt city in the State of North Carolina since Gov Motley Morehead diverted the North Carolina Railroad to run through Greensboro over other towns just as, if not more deserving, then appointed himself as the first President and CEO of the State owned railroad before leaving office.
Yes, the crony capitalism of circa 1849 was good for Greensboro's elites but did that make it right? Did that make it fair and just? Or did that just encourage Greensboro's Elites to forever become more corrupt?

I'm beginning to think the tactics myself and others have used for years are ineffective. Voting hasn't worked. Speaking before council hasn't worked. Blogging hasn't worked. Social Media hasn't worked. I'm thinking it might be time to try a different way-- one that cannot be ignored.

Please share - Billy Jones