Friday, October 23, 2015

Lies of omission by Greensboro's News and Record on last nights candidate forum

A bit of drama at the Nanotech Center 
as George Hartzman attempts to speak on behalf 
of an injured Devin King. #gsopol

jeffreysykes ‏@jeffreysykes  15h15 hours ago

Greensboro City Council candidate T. Dianne Bellamy-Small speaks while George Hartzman (center, not a candidate for office) and candidate Thessa Pickett listen during the forum.

No mention Hartzman acted as a surrogate 
for mayoral candidate Devin King.

Greensboro City Council candidates T. Dianne Bellamy-Small reaches for the microphone from Thessa Pickett as George Hartzman (center, not a candidate for office) takes up a candidate's seat during a candidate forum at the Joint School of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology in Greensboro, NC on Oct. 22, 2015.

The beauty of the democratic systems of thought control
is that they operate by subtly establishing on a voluntary basis,
aided by media control by substantial interests,
presuppositions that set the limits of debate
rather than by imposing beliefs with a bludgeon.

Then let the debate rage, the more lively and vigorous it is,
the better the propaganda system is served…

Those who do not accept the fundamental principles of state propaganda,
are simply excluded from the debate.
(or if noticed, dismissed as "emotional," "irresponsible," etc…)

Noam Chomsky

Hartzman is not a candidate and took a seat with the candidates and even posed in a group shot of the candidates.

Hartzman politely accepts being skipped 
as moderators stick to rules not allowing surrogates. 

He wanted to speak for Devin King. #gsopol

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