Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Sharon Hightower Wants You To Move To Randolph County

Sharon Hightower exposed her true self in this week's Yes-Weekly by expressing her support for the Greensboro-Liberty Megasite located in Randolph County:

"Hightower also supports the spending $22 million to run city water infrastructure to the Randolph Megasite Project. The route will follow the US 421 corridor, which is in District 1.

“We’re going to get our return back on that $22 million, in both the money paid back and in the people,” Hightower said about the project’s potential to create jobs for her constituents. “I wanted to invest in the people in Greensboro, particularly in District 1, and that’s where I saw that $22 million going.” 

Hightower has shown she is in the pockets of Kotis, Carroll, Melvin, and the rest of Greensboro's elites by completely ignoring the facts:

The megasite is to be located entirely in Randolph County-- Greensboro can neither annex or tax it ever.

If successful-- and that's a mighty big if-- those who get hired by companies located in the megasite will move outside of Greensboro to be closer to their jobs and reduce their personal tax burdens by not having to pay city taxes.

The mass exodus of workers will place a bigger economic burden on those of us who are left behind.

High paying manufacturing jobs are most needed in East Greensboro-- the district Sharon Hightower represents. But Sharon Hightower prefers Marty Kotis build shopping centers filled with minimum wage jobs. I guess when your pockets are fat with developers' money you can afford to go shopping.

The Greensboro High Point Metropolitan Statistical Area, of which Randolph County is a part of, leads the nation in hunger.

The Greensboro High Point Metropolitan Statistical Area is also #4 in the nation for MSAs of comparable size in empty industrial parks proving that building more industrial parks does not necessarily bring in more business.

These are all documented facts that I have looked up and linked to many times on this blog, made the Greensboro City Council aware of and yet they still plow ahead like Sharon Hightower planning to spend over $22 Million in City Tax Dollars and over $100 million in State Tax Dollars on a folly designed only to enriches the lives of a few rich developers.