Monday, October 5, 2015

Was Donald Vaughan Never In The Property Management Business?

When the Heritage House issue was making the front pages over a year ago, Greensboro Mayor Nancy "Grasshopper" Barakat Vaughan denied that her husband retired state Senator Donald R Vaughan was or ever had been in the real estate or property management business.

Others had previously denied Mr Vaughan's involvement in the real estate business back in 2013 when I posted  Don Vaughan Developer And Real Estate Tycoon.

So what kind of business was Management Solutions and Consulting Inc. as lifted from the website of the NC Secretary of State:

And what about that address 5804 Scotland Road? Look what I found at the Guilford County Register of Deeds:

Why was Donald Vaughan running a business from a home, a residential property he never lived in and never owned? And is Michael S Vaughan, who owned that home in 2001, related to Donald Vaughan?

And what does Michael Vaughan do?

Most importantly, was Management Solutions and Consulting Inc a property management company operated in conjunction with Don and Nancy's business partner, Paul Mengurt, owner of AMG Property Management located in the same building with Vaughan Law.

We don't know the answers to these questions but here's what we do know, Donald R Vaughan has faced criminal charges before our courts no less than 9 times. Don't believe me? Donald Vaughan's Criminal Record.

And we've got more for future posts.

Donald R Vaughan is a habitual criminal and he's married to Greensboro Mayor Nancy Baracat "Grasshopper" Vaughan. Now you know why the Grasshopper picked him.

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