Sunday, October 18, 2015

Zack Methany's Changing Story

On Friday, while our local main stream media worked to play down Zack Methany's DWI and people like the News & Record's Editorial Page Editor Allen Johnson go on record as supporting what Zack Matheny has done, even going so far as to praise him in the newspaper...

We thought we'd point out some of the discrepancies in Zack Methany's story beginning with this quote from Triad Business Weekly:

Did you notice the discrepancy? Allen Johnson of the Fishwrap writes:


By the way, are my eyes failing me or is Greensboro not among the list of cities Uber offers services in?

As has been pointed out many times before on this website, Zack Methany and facts are hard to correlate.

It just so happens the abandoned Harris Teeter parking lot is a popular place for certain local cocaine dealers to meet their clients. If I were Zack Methany's employer, Downtown Greensboro Inc, I would be sending Zack to take a drug test at 9:30 or earlier Monday morning. If I were the Mayor of Greensboro or a city council member I would consider it a condition of employment as DGI is funded with City tax dollars.

After all, were Zack a city employee he would have to do so-- it's the law and it should be applied equally to everyone, right Allen Johnson?

And folks, when the Greensboro Police Department finally gives up that list of public records we've requested I think you'll find Zack changing his story once again.

Update: This article from Triad City Beat states the following:

“I had pulled myself over,” Matheny said. “I realized I was not in a position to drive. I realized it and pulled off to the side of the road and had pulled into an unoccupied commercial property.”

Matheny said he was parked and “prepared to just hold tight for a little bit” or contact his wife or Uber when an officer who was doing his job stopped and asked him what was going on."

But Friday's News & Record stated:

"Matheny, 42, was spotted in an SUV, in the parking lot of the vacant Harris Teeter near North Church Street about 3:40 a.m. by a patrol officer, police spokeswoman Susan Danielsen said.
The SUV was parked, but the engine was running, causing the officer to approach it, Danielsen said. A man, later identified as Matheny, had his head on the steering wheel and appeared to be asleep, she said."

So which was it?