Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Renaissance Community Coop Gets Nationwide Attention

You know, there's a saying in Greensboro that when Greensboro makes the national media the news is always bad. And frankly, if you're talking about anything the Greensboro City Council or Greensboro's status quo elitists are up to that's generally true but Greensboro is getting to the point where people are saying they've had enough, not asking permission, backing the politicans into their corners and doing it for themselves.

Such an effort has been my neighborhood's Renaissance Community Coop which is under construction and set to open in the Spring of 2016. As a matter of fact: were it not for deliberate actions taken by the current and past Greensboro City Council and local developers we would already be buying groceries there.

But for many that's water under the bridge and this morning I'd like to point you to an article about the RCC in Yes Magazine that includes a great video of my neighbor Leo cooking gumbo.

Rise up, People, take your communities back. Tell the Greensboro City Council and the elite developers they are no longer in charge and the good news will continue to happen.