Wednesday, November 25, 2015

We Rent Houses II Will Soon Be Changing Their Name

Jennifer Thompson wanted to build a cold frame in the back yard of her rented home to grow vegetables.

Soon after completion of her cold frame Jennifer started getting threats from the City of Greensboro saying her cold frame wasn't up to code. She tried to fight, lost and was told she had until the end of October to remove the cold frames.

Ms Thompson didn't make the October deadline but was granted a 30 day extension until November 30 by the City of Greensboro.

Well today, November 25, Jennifer found out the real reason she is being harassed. Her rented home has been sold out from under her and the new landlord, We Rent Homes II (link to their Facebook page) wants to throw her out so they can raise the rent.

Like I said, soon We Rent Houses II located at 608 Summit Avenue which is in fact Ernest Knight Reality, which was suspended from doing business by the State of North Carolina in 2009, is no longer legally in business, and is owned in part by Walter Johnson, husband of Greensboro City Councilwoman Yvonne Johnson, who lost his liscense to practice law in 2005 for swindling his clients and their families out of their money, and whose daughter Lisa Johnson-Tonkins happens to be Guilford County Clerk of Court and a partner in the Johnson's family businesses, will soon be changing its name yet again even before it has bothered to register the name We Rent Houses II with the NC Secretary of State.

As if Walter and Ernest ever planned to register the new name in the first place.

That, my friends, is how Walter and Yvonne ended up owing the IRS half a $Million Dollars in back taxes.

And to think, Greensboro voters just elected Yvonne to another term while her husband preys on working class renters.