Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015: You Saw It Here First

A few days ago Joe Killian of the Greensboro News & Record went about trashing local bloggers calling us the Tin Foil Hat Brigade. One local blogger believes the attacks are about protecting Killian's fragile reputation and predicts Killian will return to fishing for a living in 2016.

Me, I thought I'd give you a look back on some of the many stories that were first broke here before those knuckle heads like Joe Killian ever got wind of the story. There were a lot more but as I'm working from memory here goes.

On December 20th we broke the news DGI To Get Competition. The rest of the local media hasn't even figured out what that means yet.

December 19th we broke the news that the City funded Spice Cantina went belly up. The city funded parking lot next door is about to go belly up too. As City Councilwoman Nancy Hoffman is business partners with the owners you might want to remember that come election time.

On December 15th I posted Mayor Vaughan Granted Power To Declare Martial law. That's not literally correct. Only the military and President get martial law. Thanks to the 8 numbnuts on City Council, Mayor Vaughan has been granted powers well beyond what North Carolina law allows our mayor to have. I've passed documents along to the media in the hope that someone will have a clue but apparently I'm going to have to school the media numbnuts on that one as well.

I was going to list all our firsts but frankly the month of December alone wore me out so I decided to just skip around a bit as we break new stories every day or two.

On October 22 we broke the story of the cover-up of Thomas Bynum, an NC A&T student who was beaten almost to death by the A&T Football team one week before the A&T Homecoming game.

I'm not sure when Abner Doon first broke the scandal of the Say Yes to Education program but there's dozens of posts going back months.

On April 3 we let it be known that David Powell of the Piedmont Triad Partnership was leaving town in a rush. Thanks to our tip they are still trying to figure out if they are going to prosecute him or not?
Their problem is in figuring out how to prosecute him in such a way that he doesn't roll over on his bosses, otherwise he would already be charged. The N&R picked up the story on April 15 after the PTP issued a press release.

Like I've written many times before, here at we don't blog the news, we are the news. Just think what we could do if we had a budget.

Going back to 2014:

On December 24th of 2014 we gave you Merry Christmas From The City Of Greensboro: Proof Greensboro Sucks We've expanded the list several times since then. Things are far worse now than they were then.

Remember the UNCG-3 or UR-3? September 29, 2014, the story of 3 UNCG employees who were fired on trumped up lies that were eventually found not guilty and resulted in the Chancellor and several others at the top being fired? We broke that story first too when we published, UNCG Using Threats And Intimidation Against Employees. While people like Allen Johnson, editorial page editor for the News & Record, was trashing the UNCG-3 we were proving their innocence all along.

Ever wonder why the Downtown Wyndham Hotel never got built after the Greensboro City Council voted to give Milton, George and Greg a $2 Million Dollar grant to help them build it? March 18, 2014, Lies From The Wyndham Hotel Study.

Most of you never thanked me for saving you $2 Million Dollars. Maybe you don't care.