Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Cecil Brockman And Jamal Fox, Both Whiter Than Me

I what to bring your attention to a recent incident involving North Carolina State Representative Cecil Brockman who was recently cited by NC State Troopers in Archdale for a seat belt violation.

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As Marc Ridgill writes in Don't you know who I am??

"What does the video show?
A vehicle that is passing cars left and right on wet, rainy roads.
A vehicle that is not responding to activated blue lights and audible siren.
A trooper who shows restraint in reporting that the vehicle is not stopping but waiting as long as he possibly could before classifying it as a chase.
A driver who wastes no time in identifying himself as a State Representative in such a manner as to indicate he believes he should be released immediately.
A driver who uses the term "ridiculous" several times in defiance of the Trooper enforcing a law he is not only sworn to uphold but actually specializes in per his job description.
A driver that does not have his vehicle registration in his possession as the law requires.
A driver who uses his "elected" position when demeaning the Trooper for doing his job.
A driver who eventually if not somewhat predictably resorts to the "race card" in an obvious attempt to intimidate the trooper into not writing him a seat belt violation.
Troopers inside the patrol vehicle that not once mentioned a stolen car or indicated ANY racial motivation whatsoever."

Marc, himself a retired Greensboro Police officer, goes on to write:

 "You have the NERVE to question a Highway Patrolman's integrity to his face, play the race card and attempt to intimidate him into letting you go after you have committed on video violations of;
A seat belt violation
Exceeding a Safe Speed for Conditions
Failing to Heed to Blue Light and Siren
Failing to Carry a Vehicle Registration"

But wait, it gets better.

As I commented on Marc's blog post:

"Are you aware that Representative Cecil Brockman is also close friends with City Councilman Jamal Fox who also has a history of using his position as a means of getting around the law. Except in Fox's case, James Hinson helped him to do it."

That's right, you can read all about Jamal and Hinson's antics including police reports from the Greensboro Police Department by reading Councilman Jamal Fox's Domestic Violence Incident.

What really makes these two cases interesting besides the fact that Councilman Fox and Representative Brockman are close personal friends, is the fact that not one of our local media outlets have reported either incident and are thus contributing to the entitlement of elected officials and other connected individuals throughout Greensboro, Guilford County and the Piedmont Triad.

As for the title, my closest African-American friends and readers will understand even if everyone else does not.

Update: 10: 34 AM. The News & Record finally picked up the Cecil Brockman story 4 days late but has yet to report the Jamal Fox story.