Thursday, December 17, 2015

Greensboro's News and Record is owned by Warren Buffett, Wells Fargo's largest institutional shareholder

Berkshire Hathaway Inc
9.21%% Total Shares Held

The Winston Salem Journal, also owned by Warren Buffett, 
 misled their readers the last time the case was reported on
while the News and Record remained silent on the story.

Mr. Buffett had a hand in shafting Wachovia's shareholders, 
and kept the information from the public
via his news outlets

Expect the News and Record and the Winston Salem Journal
to mislead their readers again for Berkshire Hathaway

How Warren Buffett's newspapers serve Warren Buffett instead of the truth

Winston Salem Journal's Richard Craver: "Wells Fargo seeks dismissal of lawsuit by former employee"

New Perella Weinberg CEO Robert Steel's Securities Fraud and Insider Trading at Wachovia

Winston Salem Journal; "Robert Steel, Wachovia executive caretaker, lands new job"