Monday, December 7, 2015

My Final Post On Betty Cone And Grassroots

As you're probably aware by now Betty Cone is closing Grassroots Productions once and for all and the City of Greensboro is looking for qualified organizers for the various events Grassroots managed. What more recent readers may not be aware of is the fact that I broke the story of Grassroots having failed to file Federal Tax Returns a full 2 months before the News & Record reported the story.

I also stated numerous times that Betty Cone was attempting to convert Grassroots from a non profit to a for profit corporation-- a fact which was never reported anywhere else. Turns out it was the Internal Revenue Service that was forcing Ms Cone to convert from a non profit to a for profit corporation in an effort to collect taxes on all those years Grassroots never filed taxes. And yes, I have a reliable source very close to Ms Cone that confirms this was the case and that her actions were never nefarious.

Everything I have written about Betty Cone can by clicking here. There are without a doubt mistakes.

Groups like Action Greensboro, the Bryan Foundation and the Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro could have stepped in to save Grassroots Productions. Instead they chose to profit from Ms Cone's mistakes by charging administration fees for the donations they took in on behalf of Grassroots Productions making it impossible for Ms Cone and Grassroots to ever repay the back taxes the IRS claimed to be owed.

When I suggested to my source that the people running Ms Cone's organization and several other Greensboro based non profits that have met the same fate apparently don't take the public trust very seriously, my source simply replied, "Nah! It's just incompetence."

She's never lied to me, I'll take her at her word. 

I've given you the truth as best as I can, more-so than was ever given you by the local mainstream media and despite my mistakes you now know where the blame lies.