Saturday, December 5, 2015

TCB Does It Right

Admittedly no one has been a bigger critic of Triad City Beat and Eric Ginsburg than I have. I have for months now trashed Eric for his lack of coverage of the corrupt actions of the Greensboro City Council and Greensboro Mayor Nancy Barakat "Grasshopper" Vaughan. But not this time.

This time Eric writes in Mayor deposed for lawsuit, in secret:

"But comic relief isn’t why the deposition should be public — it’s hard to see why Vaughan’s responses should be confidential. This is the mayor, conducting the people’s business. She is the public face of Greensboro. We deserve to know what she had to say."

In response to Mayor Vaughan's deposition in Robert v. City of Greensboro-- a suit being filed against the City over issues that happened when Vaughan was neither Mayor nor a member of City Council. Eric calls it exactly right.

But like I wrote in What's Going On With Mayor Vaughan? on November 2:

"And as John Hammer pointed out, Nancy Vaughan wasn't even the mayor when the events took place that Mr Robert is suing the city for:

"Vaughan – who was not mayor when the city received the funding and was not on the City Council during the period when the grant applications were submitted – is being deposed because she is mayor and a friend of Robert’s."

Well there is this: Donald Vaughan was on City Council when the city received the funding. And my guess is Nancy talked to Mr Robert about things Donald had told her."

Keep up the good work, Mr Ginsburg, the City needs journalists who aren't scared of the grasshoppers.