Thursday, January 7, 2016

A Question You Can Answer

Ordinarily its the main stream media who does what are commonly known as Friday Evening News Dumps on behalf of politicians and their ilk but I thought I'd take a moment to point you to some can't miss stories others have written today-- stories that won't be found in your local media.

" One chapter alone will be devoted to how the Mayor of my city hired my ex girlfriend's current husband to represent her, even though she was already being represented by the city's entire legal staff and one of the most prominent law firm in the region...
  Anyway, I will get back to that story later on. Right now, I want to write about ...wait for it...DGI! 
DGI which could now stand for "Drunk Guy Inside" but remains a very sad story altogether."

Please continue reading SIMPLY IRRESPONSIBLE! by Dang.

"The stupid arrogance of what passes as professional journalism in this town amazes me. Here is the News & Record’s John Newsome admitting that he intentional wrote something that wasn’t accurate in order to “smoke out” the truth by inviting a correction. Describing his reason for mistakenly reporting in a previous story that there is “no organized opposition” to a bond referendum, Newsome writes:"

Please continue reading News & Record reporter brags of intentional misinformation by Roch Smith Jr.

"Sam Simpson had a good day.
Now all Greensboro has to do is cough up another $20 million,  and the NC Railroad Company makes millions more

Please continue reading  Guess who gets to profit from Greensboro's taxpayers paying for Water and Sewer to Randolph County? by Abner Doon.

"So, it’s Planet Fitness for the hipsters.  Never mind that the maker movement has been thoroughly discredited and is on its last legs.  As usual, Greensboro catches on to a dying fad.

This is consistent with downtown antique stores and art galleries whose income consists of renting cubicles to people who can’t sell anything.

Despite recent bloviations, this is not entrepreneurship.  Zimmerman is selling hope and nothing more.  Sure, Gibbs is a great brewery and I’m sure the distillery will have its place among burgeoning NC brands in the ABC store.  But, as with brewing, he’s late to the game and will have to fight established brands for shelf space."

Please continue reading  King of the Hipsters by Fec.

"The cycle of "tax, borrow and spend" never seems to end in Greensboro. And our local brand of corruption-- which is endemic-- favors inside players. These are major reasons why we have fallen so badly behind economically."

Please continue reading Economic Illiteracy, Psychological Denial and Greensboro's Poor Jobs Performance by JoeyG.

Then ask yourself  how is it that myself and 5 other writers who stand from far left to far right on the political spectrum and are for the most part not even on speaking terms with one another, all be so much in agreement on local political issues?