Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A Scarfone Employee Chimes In

From time to time we post letters to the editor, people's opinions about local topics, news the media won't give you, reactions to local news and responses to out own articles. Tonight I'm posting a response to our many stories about Rocky Scarfone from one of his employees:

"I was intrigued by your blogposts and I have just gotten started. XXXXX RedactedXXXXXXX you are right he does take the interchange fees out of his employee's tips, but that's not all. I have check stubs that show tips that I didn't make XXXRedactedXXX and tip credits that were taxed but never paid. FYI--a tip credit is the difference between what your hourly wage is plus the tips you made minus the minimum wage. XXXXXRedactedXXXXX I applaud your attempts to run him out of town so to speak. XXXXXRedactedXXXXX It would not surprise me if what you alluded to in your posts about money laundering weren't true. Keep up the good work."

Keep up the good work, Dear Readers, with your help we can clean the skum out once and for all.