Wednesday, January 20, 2016

About Our New Look

With Abner Doon, myself and the other occasional writers all preaching change in Greensboro we thought it time we make some changes in the look and feel of in the hope of making not only a better reading experience for our readers but in making this website a better means of distributing more information to more people.

I guess you noticed the annoying Read More links. I admit they are annoying as they require you to click again to read an entire article should you be on our front page but if you came here from a direct link such as Facebook, Twitter or another blog (like that's really going to happen) then you'll never see them.

Using the Read More links allows us to put twice as many headlines on the front page making you more likely to see them. Hopefully that makes up for the annoyance. We'll avoid using them on extremely short posts consisting of only a few sentences or a single paragraph.

We've also made the center portion of the page wider to allow more room for charts, graphs and pictures to be displayed more clearly. Everything that used to be in the side bars in now located at the bottom of the page giving the site a much cleaner look while still retaining links to all the online tools you and I use to ferret out the secrets Greensboro doesn't want you to know.

The colors are different, hopefully easier on the eyes. And we've made the links easier to see. I fear it might make the site a little harder to be indexed by search engines but nothing is perfect and maybe it displays better on your portable devices-- something I wouldn't know because this old dinosaur doesn't own a portable device.