Saturday, January 30, 2016

"Arts center questions still awaiting answers" . .


City to disband homeless camp: 'Where are we supposed to go?' any time there are as many as 100 camps spread throughout the city.

...“We found out on a Friday and we had until Monday,” said Stewart, the group’s de facto mayor. “We waited until the very last night because it was miserable outside and we didn’t want people to see us toting our stuff into the woods.”

..“What’s especially cruel is telling people in the dead of winter that you have to go,” Stewart said. “In the spring at least you can walk around town all night and not freeze to death on a park bench.
This is Greensboro

For the Performing Arts Center to succeed, the City is trying to rid downtown of poor African Americans so Roy Carroll and friends can make money from his real estate ventures.

The problem with downtown Greensboro as opposed to where DPAC and the Durham Bull's ballpark is separation.  The DPAC properties are essentially located in a sealed off, contained and highly secured area away from nearby relatively poor, black neighborhoods.

The vision for Greensboro provides no such containment.

A beautiful $10 million plus park is going in behind the central library near the bus depot, which is where Greensboro's homeless hang out during the day.

Large subsidized low cost housing is directly East from the park and Center's location, mixed in with low end rentals, with A&T and Bennett College on the other side.

Downtown Greensboro is within walking distance of a population Greensboro's top 10% doesn't want to see there during the day or night.