Monday, January 4, 2016

David Granthan: All I Asked For Is Discussion

Proving yet again that Greensboro's status-quo is incapable of discussion and only wants to dominate Greensboro's working class I give you this Greensboro and Guilford County Politics conversation with former Guilford County Property Director, Mr David Granthan, who retired under very strange circumstances in 2012 after a very strange property management deal involving the illegal sale of Guilford County property.

In commenting on Susan Ladd's News & Record reporting of the incident Mr Granthan had the following to say in this Rhino Times article:

" I reviewed all comments you made during the meeting and then compared them to what she wrote in today’s newspaper.  My question is was Ladd even at the meeting?  If so, she needs to get hearing aids because she got very little correct.  Her article is complete [deleted].  This is journalism at its very worst.  It seems that anytime she has an opinion, Ladd transforms into a fiction writer to attempt to sway readers to her side.  That is not journalism.  Her job is to report the facts, not make them up.”

Now here we have a precedent in that Mr Granthan is implying that reporters for the  News & Record cannot be trusted to print the truth-- something myself and many others have been saying for years, something I proved true just yesterday when I posted Joe Killian And The Dark Money Trail: Epilogue.

But like so many who travel in Greensboro and Guilford County's political circles, David Granthan only wants the truth to be printed when it suits his own means.  Take for instance my New Years Day post in Greensboro and Guilford County Politics screen grabbed and shown below for those of you who haven't a Facebook account. You can click on the photos to enlarge them.

Did you notice, the first thing David does is hurl insults and call names? So I attempt to engage him in a nice way.

All I get out of David is more of the same. I was nice, I didn't call him names and I did nothing to provoke him but still he chose to attack me. Greensboro's status quo has run out of arguments against us so the only thing they can do is hurl insults and attempt to make you think we're crazy conspiracy therorists.

Well here's a crazy conspiracy theory for you. David Granthan graduated from Grimsely High School in 1971 and East Carolina University in 1975 making him just 3 years older than me at 59 and 1/2. Give or take a year.

Now assuming David is now 63 years old that would have made him just 59 years old when he retired from Guilford County in 2012. Or being that it's now 2016 he might have been 58 years old. Or what if David was 60 in 2012-- it still doesn't matter.

David might have had enough years in to draw his County Retirement but not his Social Security and as most workers wait until they can draw both one cannot help but wonder if David Granthan's retirement might have been somehow prompted by the Rich Fork Preserve real estate deal?

And the fact that David isn't working anywhere else leads one to believe no one wants to hire him, perhaps because they question why he left the County.

You see, David, That's the thing about attacking the messenger. The messenger reads the messages in route to delivery-- he knows everyone's secrets. He just saves the up until he needs a weapon.  That's what happens to people who treat me poorly and no one is beyond my reach. All I wanted was straight forward, honest discussion but you had to act like an asshole. Well nobody is better at giving it back than I am. Nobody.

Update: On the same Facebook thread David confirms his age as 57 at retirement-- 5 years too young to draw his social security.