Thursday, January 14, 2016

I flushed my stock broker career by teaching financial ethics, and all I got was peace of mind

I ran across a friend whose 401k plan account was transfered to Schwab.

He/She asked me what to do with the money.

I suggested going to cash ASAP in a US Treasury Money Market and dollar cost averaging into the following low cost index funds mirroring the federal government's very inexpensive Thrift Savings Plan in equal investments over 36 months;

Vanguard Intermediate-Term Bond Index Fund Admiral Shares

Vanguard Extended Market Index

Vanguard FTSE All-World ex-US Index Fund

Vanguard 500 Index Fund

US Treasury Money Market
If I was still at Wells Fargo and never taught ethics I would have set her up in an investment plan costing 25 times more per year.

2.5% per year instead of 0.10% per year.

This is why the City of Greensboro didn't want to change their retirement plan options, but did anyway with little fanfare, saving their employees money without saying so.

It's why Jeff Gauger, Joe Killian and Amanda Lehmert at the News and Record, owned by Warren Buffet who owns more than 9% of Wells Fargo, didn't report anything on my proposal to save Greensboro's employees money in the plan.

It's why Jeff, Joe and Amanda didn't tell local Wells Fargo clients how they were being lied to in Envision Retirement Plans.

Thousands of investors in our community are relatively getting ripped off by being overcharged, and the News and Record didn't tell anyone after multiples of interviews and provided documentation.

It's why they cover Eric Robert's trial and not mine.

There was a story on the hearing in the Winston Salem Journal after the January 6, 2016 hearing, and now there's not.

There was nothing in the News and Record.