Sunday, January 10, 2016

Sunday Reading

Allen Johnson's straw man argument for the week;

We told you so: Why (healthy) skepticism is a good thing

Billy Jones on what Allen Johnson didn't mention;

2015: You Saw It Here First

No mention by Allen Johnson of the lies told
to make the new performing arts center debt happen;

Who said STPAC construction cost went up and why?

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City of Greensboro Tax Dollars at Work; "Mayor to form arts task force"; Vaughan has no sense of shame or fiscal/political responsibility

Nancy Vaughan’s $27.7M Lie

Still no reporting from the News and Record
on STPAC's reported change on the project manager;

Sam Hieb; "The city will serve as project manager and approve all construction and professional service contracts, funding the first $18.5 million in construction and equipment costs."

The News and Record isn't allowed to report
anything that would give readers the impression
Warren Buffett may lose money;

Monday, January 4, 2016; Pay Attention; Links

Thursday, January 7, 2016; "Dow's Worst Start To The Year... Ever"

Here's another one the News and Record won't report,
as it would hurt Warren Buffett's bottom line,
even though it's a serious problem in Greensboro;

Small debt is destroying black lives: Institutional racism and the wealth gap America still refuses to acknowledge

The News and Record isn't allowed to report
elected official's violation of laws
which could hurt the News and Record's propaganda
for Greensboro's economic elite;

Mayor Vaughan Openly And Willfully Violates Public Records Laws

Regulations that direct resources towards a particular structural outcome 

will diminish the scope for alternate productive arrangements."

Thousands protest in HK over missing publishers; booksellers worried

Triad City Beat Lying to their readers and Guilford County's rising seniors about Say Yes to Education

DGI To Get Competition

Eric Robert on the mayor and DGI;


"...One chapter alone will be devoted to how the Mayor of my city hired my ex girlfriend's current husband to represent her, even though she was already being represented by the city's entire legal staff and one of the most prominent law firm in the region...

Zack Matheny needs to go and why DGI needs to be replaced!"

The Muted Delight of the Forthcoming Recession

I had a conversation with a math teacher the other day
concerning the lack of real world knowledge left untaught 
in our 'modern' education system 
which leaves out actual usable information 
that would leave our children better off for having gone to shcool; 

The Maker Spirit

"it’s young adults undergoing remedial vocational training they should have received in high school.

...The sheer magnitude of what these kids don’t know and should frightens me.  Their primary skill beyond texting, beard grooming and swilling IPA consists of flashing a credit card.  While those of us who own homes and run businesses have mastered all manner of skills, these spoiled apartment-dwellers seem mystified by the simplest of things."

Explaining American Men's 'Electile' Dysfunction In 1 Serious Chart

Roy Carroll allowed John Hammer to write;

Greensboro's City Council Decides to Repeat Mistake of the Past

As long as Hammer shilled for water and sewer for Roy and friends
in Guilford County;

Greensboro-Randolph Megasite Gets On Track

The Death of the Professional: Are Doctors, Lawyers and Accountants Becoming Obsolete?

Why Minsky Matters

Datos, ne quisquam seruiat, enses. 
(The sword was given for this, that none need live a slave.) 

- Marcus Annaeus Lucanus

2016 brings more pain to U.S. shale companies as crude sinks

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Hillary Clinton Made More in 12 Speeches to Big Banks Than Most of Us Earn in a Lifetime

Rare finback whale exterminated off coast of North Hamgyong Province, 
keeping seas safe for mercantile and fishing traffic.

DPRK News Service ‏@DPRK_News  Jan 2

News & Record Quietly Changes Prostitution Story To Contradict Official Record

On Greensboro's chapter of "The Tin Foil Hat Brigade"

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The opposite of anonymous is onymous, 
which is typically used to describe something 

of which the authorship is known without doubt.

What Greensboro business environment was, is now where it's headed

Every end is a new beginning

What Greensboro's elected leadership and wealthiest who own them are partly responsible for

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