Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Iowa's Presidential Caucus is like a City of Greensboro Primary Election

Mostly the politically addicted show up

Robbie Perkins spent so much money getting rid of an outsider without funding,
he lost the general election to someone else with the same commitments
to the establishment crony capitalist crowd funding the campaigns of the anointed possibilities

A small, manipulable, predictable, identifiable, easily reachable electorate
relatively easily swayed with less money for ads per voter,
and enough money, time and effort for a ground game by long shots
who chose to bet the farm to gain momentum

If Sanders lost, he won by not losing by more

Clinton lost by winning by such a small margin,
unless she actually lost...

Why did Cruze win if he went anti-ethanol?

Thought Kasich would have done better

If two of the Cruz, Rubio or Carson drop out,
what happens to Trump's margins?

The media and the establishment politico-business folks
should be shitting their pants

Our biased news outlets who trashed Trump and Sanders
should reconfigure to save some face going forward

The outsiders have momentum going forward

The DC insiders seem to be at a disadvantage on both sides

Greensboro's insiders appear to be in the same predicament

They have abused their positions to the point
where even the local compromised press can't keep them safe

Had an interesting unexpected phone call from someone out of the area
from a pretty reputable alternative investigatory outlet
looking into local corruption in Greensboro

Say Yes to Education

Say Yes Guilford

City of Greensboro retirement plan fees

Performing arts center math

Wachovia shareholders

Wells Fargo hypothetical projections



Rhino circulation numbers

Melvin and David Powell

Triad First Capital

Mike Barber and First Tee of the Triad

Zack Matheny, DGI, Mike Barber, Jason Cannon, Cindy Hayworth, Nancy Vaughan etc...

Nancy Hoffmann's parking lot take


Water and Sewer

Sam Simpson

Local stories the News and Record, the Rhino and the Triad Business Journal won't cover

Greensboro seems to be some kind of case study